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Mastering With Analog Tape: What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Project

CALIBRATION IS KEY The main thing a band needs to know about using tape for the mastering process is that it is extremely important to use their decks correctly.  This means servicing their decks to make sure they’re in good working condition, aligning/calibrating their decks correctly, putting the correct alignment tones on their tapes, labeling their […]Read More »

Learn The Key Differences Between Analog Tape Speeds

What Speed Do I Need? Examining The Differences Between Recording Tape Speeds ALL ROADS LEAD TO VINYL So I’m told there has been a renewed interest in vinyl records and analog recording lately. It seems that some auspicious music publications are even dedicating entire issues to the subject!  According to Forbes (or was it the […]Read More »

Is The Future of Music Mastering Online?

An Interview with LANDR’s VP of Product Justin Evans “Master Yo Shit!” That was a t-shirt our team had printed up after a very disappointing conference, in which we received hundreds of submissions that were of poor audio quality. When someone in the industry exclaims, “Wow, that’s a great song,” more often than not, what […]Read More »

Avoid These Six Mistakes When Recording Your Next Album

Not getting press? Shocker – maybe it’s because your band’s last album sounds like absolute ass. Sorry to be so blunt, but just because you CAN record on your laptop doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do so. After listening to literally thousands of first-time LPs and EPs from various bands throughout the years, I want […]Read More »

Manufacturer Profile: iZotope

Making Home Studios Sound Like The Hit Factory Many DIY musicians find themselves at a loss when it comes to that perfect sheen heard on major label recordings. The secret? iZotope. No other company has pushed the boundaries of digital audio processing or made professional recording so accessible. Their programs are used by artists, broadcasters, […]Read More »

Bob Ludwig's Tips for Home Recorders

Bob Ludwig, while technically needing no introduction, will still get one here. Why? Because the man deserves it for all the amazing work he’s done in the field of mastering. As one of the top mastering engineers in the world, his skills have been in demand for decades, starting with his work at Sterling Sound, […]Read More »