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Top 5 Plugins to Get Amazingly Realistic Digital Piano Sounds

As a piano player, I used to detest the idea of digital pianos replacing the need for acoustic craftsmanship. While I still think that there will never be an equal experience of hearing a Rachmaninoff sonata in Carnegie Hall, the advancements in digital piano sounds over the past decade have challenged my old-school beliefs. Before […]Read More »

PUC Wireless MIDI Interface for iOS REVIEW

PUC Wireless MIDI Interface for iOS REVIEW PROS: simple, easy to use. CONS: only works with iOS. PRICE: $99 MIDI is the language that was established to allow digital music instruments talk to each other. Getting this digital signal into the world of wireless and mobile devices has been tricky, but the PUC solves this […]Read More »

jamstik Smart Guitar Review

 jamstik Smart Guitar for iOS – $259 (by Zivix) PROS: good learning tool. CONS: limited sounds from app, tracking is lacking (with the app), no Android support. MIDI and guitars don’t often mix well; jamstik has a way of blending the essentials of synth and guitar, in a small, mobile package. Design wise, it looks like an ’80s […]Read More »

My Favorite Axe: Loveskills & The Dave Smith Prophet Synthesizer

MY FAVORITE AXE with Loveskills In the state of multiplicity, we will find Loveskills (aka Brooklyn producer Richard Spitzer). Producing textures of therapeutic synth, low frequency bass, and a balance of melodic heart speak. MAKE & MODEL 2008 Dave Smith Prophet Synthesizer WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU It’s like a lover or friend that knows […]Read More »

Hacking MIDI Controllers to Create Drum Machine/Guitar Hybrids

In 2001 I started bringing my Ensoniq EPS sampler keyboard on stage to make freestyle beats. It came about in part because as a DJ and producer, it’s always a challenge to be interesting on stage and keep an audience’s attention. But, it was also something born of necessity. I didn’t necessarily have the super […]Read More »

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