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Jack Forman Explores the 1980 Moog Source Monophonic Synthesizer

My band Recess Monkey is a Seattle trio known nationally for our unique spin on “family music.” We’ve made eleven albums and played hundreds of shows over the past 9 years. MAKE & MODEL 1980 Moog Source Monophonic Synthesizer WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU I got it on eBay five years ago and have played […]Read More »

Qu-Bit Electronix Profile & Nebulae Review

Qu-Bit Electronix is a Eurorack modular synthesizer company based out of New York and California. They build synthesizers that are computers hiding in plain sight, able to do things analogue machines could never accomplish while providing a playable user interface. Instead of trying to replicate or replace older, beloved synthesizers and effects, Qu-Bit aims to […]Read More »

Casper Electronics NovaDrone Review

“The Friendly Ghost in the Machine” Casper Electronics is less a company more than it is an ethos encompassing the many ventures of its creator Peter Edwards. Instead of creating a line of many different tools, Casper Electronics has focused on creating an adaptable art tool that facilitates experimentation and creation across varying mediums. The […]Read More »

Vermona PerFourMer MKii Review & Builder Profile

Vermona is an analogue synthesizer and effect maker based out of Germany; they’ve been turning heads since their emergence in the early 2000s. Vermona was the East German brand that produced electronic music instruments during the GDR, but dissolved when the GDR fell. Bernd Haller, the designer of the GDR’s only analogue synthesizer, and two […]Read More »

You Rock Guitar Digital Guitar & MIDI Controller Review

Guitar synths have come a long way, from expensive bulky modules, to compact user-friendly units. You Rock’s latest offering is trying to keep that trend happening. First off, it’s not quite a “guitar,” per se; it features a body and neck made out of plastic and a silicone fretboard that responds to fretted notes, plus […]Read More »

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