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The Best Value Guitar of 2014: Chapman Guitars ML1

Chapman Guitars ML1 Guitar PROS: Sounds amazing, tons of tonal options, impeccable fit and finish. CONS: None. PRICE: $499 Let’s get this out of the way: the Chapman ML1 is quite simply the best value in the guitar market today. At a ludicrously low $499 USD, you get the equivalent of a professional-grade instrument that […]Read More »

BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal Review

PROS: Flexible, great sounds, simple-to-use. CONS: Editing software is only available (at this time) for Windows. PRICE: $349 Drum machines have always served a purpose in a studio, but were limiting for live use; the BeatBuddy guitar pedal/drum machine hybrid takes the consistent performance of the machine and adds the ability to manipulate things on […]Read More »

Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Modulation FX Part 2

[Editor’s note – read last month’s issue or head here to catch up on part one, in which we discuss tremolo, vibrato, chorus, flange and more.] PHASING Often confused with the previous chorus and flange, this can be attributed to the way these effects are created, but the differences are noticeable when you know what to […]Read More »

PHRED Ernesto VH3 Guitar Review

PHRED Instruments Ernesto VH3 Guitar PROS: Versatile, great tonal options, looks fantastic. CONS: Effects loop may take some getting used to. PRICE: $589 Let’s get this bit out of the way. Yes, it looks like Trey Anastasio’s guitar, which was made by Phish’s soundman/guitar guru Paul Languedoc. Yes, you can get one made by Paul, […]Read More »

Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks Review

C. Whitney Guitars Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks PROS: Unique, durable and works for plenty of playing styles (shredders welcome). CONS: Slightly pricey for an individual pick. PRICE: appx $9/each Guitar picks have come a long way. The “standard” in the beginning was the Fender 351 style. Since then people have used various shapes and materials […]Read More »

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