MUST OWN: Sabian Stick Flip Bag For Drummers

PROS: Works great, plenty of storage space, folds flat, rugged, inexpensive. CONS: None. PRICE: $39 Here’s an simple way to make life on the road easier for just a few duckets. Sabian’s new Stick Flip bag for drummers is awesome. First of all, it’s a rugged, durably constructed stick bag – you’re gonna need one anyway, […]Read More »

Jack Forman Explores the 1980 Moog Source Monophonic Synthesizer

My band Recess Monkey is a Seattle trio known nationally for our unique spin on “family music.” We’ve made eleven albums and played hundreds of shows over the past 9 years. MAKE & MODEL 1980 Moog Source Monophonic Synthesizer WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU I got it on eBay five years ago and have played […]Read More »

Emperor X Finds New Uses for the Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless Stompbox

“Oh, Chad would love this,” said Roger as he rummaged through the cramped Allston practice space of Pretty & Nice. He found a duffel bag full of wires and pedals and dongles and pulled out a brand new Audio Technica System 10 Wireless Guitar Unit (ATW-1501), still smelling new and off-gassing factory plastic vapor. “Performer […]Read More »

Music Nomad Guitar Care Accessories Review

PROS: Well thought out; practical. CONS: None. PRICE: Varies (most under $20) Keeping a gigging guitar looking and playing new isn’t easy. Spilled drinks, sweat, and sometimes even blood (depending upon your audience) can really muck things up. Music Nomad has a few tricks up their sleeve to keep your guitar or bass looking and […]Read More »

My Favorite Axe: 1938 Epiphone Zenith Archtop

with Jude Moran of Adela & Jude… MAKE & MODEL: 1938 Epiphone Zenith Archtop  WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: The world. “Miss Nashville” was given to Brother Jude as a gift. She came from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, and has never and WILL never be replaced. WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: Heaven. WEAR & TEAR: I’ve strummed the daylights outta […]Read More »

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