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Home Studio Construction

How To Choose The Right DAW For Your Home Studio

How To Choose The Right DAW For Your Home Studio WHAT IS A DAW? A fancy haircut, 23,000 Twitter followers and national television exposure are less crucial to an artist’s success than customizing an original sound design by choosing the proper DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I am a professional music producer called Anything But Broke […]Read More »


I’m a jazz saxophone player that doesn’t really like to play jazz all that much. I like singer-songwriters, soul music, rock bands, weird string bands, folk music, and electro pop. Cannonball Adderley, Jan Garbarek, and Ornette Coleman got me into the saxophone. Singers and songwriters got me into songs and records. But I never wanted […]Read More »

Best Practices: How Not To Get Overwhelmed By Gear When Outfitting A Home Studio

Don’t Let Gear Overwhelm Your Home Studio How To Make Meaningful Music On Your Own I’ve spent the greater part of a decade putting together a home studio. It’s been a labor of love and a test of sheer will. I’ve thought of giving up entirely – and just letting the “pros” do it. However, […]Read More »

Step-By-Step Guide to Soundproofing Your Home Studio

This brief article is designed to give some basic ideas about soundproofing your home studio. I personally have built three studios from the ground up and learned a lot as I have done so. There is a wealth of information including Sound Control Tables (STC) and a great variety of sound control products available online […]Read More »

4 Tips To Improve Home Studio Acoustics

Performer’s Primer on Home Studio Acoustics Setting up a home studio holds the promise of creating your own great-sounding music any time the inspiration moves you. It’s exciting to buy new gear, claim a spare bedroom or basement, and embark on the production of your next masterpiece. If you’re like many home recordists, in your […]Read More »

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