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We’re no strangers to the quality that Austrian Audio brings to the table when it comes to the world of conventional XLR mics, but their latest offering, the MiCreator Studio, is the company’s first foray that we’ve seen into the world of the creator space, catering to those on-the-go musicians and video content creators who need simple, easy-to-use USB connectivity for their mobile devices and laptops. Inspiration can strike anywhere, so if you’ve got the right tools for the job, you’ll never be stuck in a situation where you’re left saying, “Man, if only I had a mic handy to capture great audio for this clip!”

So fear not, the small, portable, lightweight MiCreator Studio is here to the rescue. The first thing you’ll notice is it comes in a handy travel pouch, and all the cables you need (plus a thread adapter) are included, so there’s no extra accessory kit you’ve got to order. Very nice.

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Next, you can even customize the unit with cool face plates for some added flair. Now, that’s all great, but if the microphone doesn’t capture great audio, it’s useless. Fortunately, our tests proved that the MiCreator Studio is an excellent choice for on-the-go field recording, dialogue capture for social media videos, and even full-length musical performances.

In the clip below, we entrusted out review unit to the wonderfully-talented artist Aaron Kellim to walk through the MiCreator Studio features in more depth, and even capture an exclusive acoustic performance to show just how good the sound quality can be for your video creations. 

You’ll notice that setup is a breeze, the USB connectivity is pretty much plug and play and it can even double as an interface AND be set up for stereo recording by using the included input on the front panel. The condenser capsule bests most entry-level dynamic mics you may have been using for your mobile setups, and it’s SPL handling capabilities mean that you can capture even super-loud sources with ease. The capsule was adept in our tests at really bringing out the nuanced pick noises and fret slides in our acoustic recordings, and even the loudest vocal runs in a musical setting with no peaking, clipping or distortion. In fact, with a max SPL of 130 decibels, you can pretty much throw anything at the MiCreator Studio and not worry about going into the red zone.

The unit itself is housed in what feels like an incredibly durable chassis, which is great for mobile recording because it means you don’t have to baby it, and it can survive the rigors of the road and whatever backpack it may be bumping along in. We’ve found too many “portable” units in the past to be not very robust and too plastic-feeling, so this was a welcome relief when it came to getting it in our hands for real-world testing. And the tilting functionality of the head capsule enabled us to point it easily at our sound sources, be it a vocal, guitar or even snare drum with relative ease. Other fixed units on the market can sometimes make ideal positioning a bit tricky if your setup or source isn’t perfect. But the swiveled-nature of the MiCreator Studio alleviates that and lets you put it wherever you want and even get it in tight spaces.

The headphone jack allows you to listen and monitor your recordings in real-time, we didn’t notice any lag or latency at all, and finally the simple one-wheel approach on the front panel means that the learning curve to use this (even for first-timers) is pretty much non-existent. So it truly is a pick up and go type of device without any complex menu-diving required.

At just $199, we can’t recommend this enough for musicians, content creators and those who just need to capture great sound wherever they find themselves. It’s built well, sounds fantastic and may just be the killer tool for your mobile rig.

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