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Avoid These Six Mistakes When Recording Your Next Album

Not getting press? Shocker – maybe it’s because your band’s last album sounds like absolute ass. Sorry to be so blunt, but just because you CAN record on your laptop doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do so. After listening to literally thousands of first-time LPs and EPs from various bands throughout the years, I want […]Read More »

Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Modulation FX Part 1

We have a lot of guitarists who come through the studio and they have an idea what they want their recordings to sound like, but have no idea how to articulate those ideas in terms of effects we use in the studio. They may have a favorite song with that really awesome swirling sound on […]Read More »

Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Microphone Selection Part 2

With so many models to choose from, what should you look for in picking your next microphone?  We like to think of picking a microphone like picking a car.  First jot down what features are you looking for – do you need 4-wheel drive?  Do you need good gas mileage? Or in our case, what […]Read More »

How to Fix Common Mistakes in the Studio (part 2 of 2)

“Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in the mix.” We know it’s a cliché but often it’s true. The power of recording in a controlled environment with the right tools and the right engineer is that many common flubs or mistakes can be fixed. So let’s take a look at what can be corrected and what […]Read More »

WATCH: Basic Drum Miking (The Full Kit) From Audio-Technica

Our friends at Audio-Technica are releasing a series of videos on basic recording techniques. Today we share tips for miking a full drum kit; let us know if you find these recording “how to” videos helpful by sounding off in the comments below. Enjoy, and be sure to follow Audio-Technica on YouTube for more videos, and head […]Read More »

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