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7 Must-Haves for Session Musicians Recording at Home

Modern technology has drastically changed the nature of working as a session musician. These days, many session players have almost as much skill as audio engineers and run their own studios where they can record from home. This is awesome for musicians, as it allows them to work from the comfort of their homes, but […]Read More »

How To Use Tape as an Effect During The Mixing Process

DIGITAL, YOUR GRANDPA & TAPE’S CHARM Tape machines are like your grandfather.  They’re old, and cranky, and require patience and tender loving care.  But just like Grandpa, if you take the time you can coax wonderful things from tape.  If you’re an indie rocker, tape gets you closer to that vintage vibe than all the […]Read More »

Mastering With Analog Tape: What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Project

CALIBRATION IS KEY The main thing a band needs to know about using tape for the mastering process is that it is extremely important to use their decks correctly.  This means servicing their decks to make sure they’re in good working condition, aligning/calibrating their decks correctly, putting the correct alignment tones on their tapes, labeling their […]Read More »

Learn Why Drums Sound So Much Better Recorded to Tape

Yum! Drums On Tape Taste So Much Better And Why Committing To Choices Yields Better Recordings  Recording to analog tape is in my top drawer of favorite subjects.  Combine my love of drums as both a player and an engineer; compounded with recording and mixing in the analog domain…well, I might burst!  Or possibly bust […]Read More »

Learn The Key Differences Between Analog Tape Speeds

What Speed Do I Need? Examining The Differences Between Recording Tape Speeds ALL ROADS LEAD TO VINYL So I’m told there has been a renewed interest in vinyl records and analog recording lately. It seems that some auspicious music publications are even dedicating entire issues to the subject!  According to Forbes (or was it the […]Read More »

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