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Tobacco - "Ultima II Massage" Review PLUS Video

“Electro Psych Rock for junkyard dogs in heat” Tobacco’s latest gem, Ultima II Massage, is a disembodied aural experience. It’s like sex with a head cold – grimy, distorted, wet, and rhythmic with a lot of heavy breathing. Sonically, Ultima sounds like it has been run through a meat grinder, only it has an engine […]Read More »

RJD2 - "More Is Than Isn’t" Review

From founding his own record label to building his own studio to amassing one of the most impressive synthesizer collections on the planet, RJD2 doesn’t like to do anything small, and his fifth LP is no exception. The four years since his last record have been spent producing for various artists as well as his […]Read More »

Moderat - "II" Review

Moderat is the supergroup of Berlin electronic music. It combines the poetic atmosphere of Apparat and the dancefloor brawn of Modeselektor into something that’s not quite one, and not quite the other, but something new and wonderful in the space between them. The album opener is a fitting metaphor for the collaboration. “The Mark” is […]Read More »

Misfit Mod - "Islands & Islands"

Misfit Mod Islands & Islands London, UK (Stars & Letters Records) “Down-beat electronic noveau” Utilizing audio mosaics that bleed aloneness and introverted benevolence, Misfit Mod’s debut captures art-school girl posh, allusive love and breathy chords. Drafty melodies carry the 11-track LP through the full cascade of human emotions. Operating under the consonance-heavy moniker, New Zealand-born […]Read More »

Lotus - "Build"

Lotus Build Philadelphia, PA (SCI Fidelity Records) “Take a trip with funk-laced electronica” The newest offering from electronic mainstay Lotus, Build, has the band straying further from its softer jam band roots in favor of its more rock-and-funk-infused electronic sound. Think less Grateful Dead and more Aphex Twin.  The record, which was recorded live to analog tape right […]Read More »

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