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My Favorite Axe: 1938 Epiphone Zenith Archtop

with Jude Moran of Adela & Jude… MAKE & MODEL: 1938 Epiphone Zenith Archtop  WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: The world. “Miss Nashville” was given to Brother Jude as a gift. She came from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, and has never and WILL never be replaced. WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: Heaven. WEAR & TEAR: I’ve strummed the daylights outta […]Read More »

Epiphone Casino Review

PROS: Great fit and finish; fantastic neck; highly responsive and articulate P90 pickups. CONS: None. PRICE: $599 w/out case The Casino has been around for decades, first brought to worldwide fame by the Beatles. Since then, Epiphone’s production has moved around the globe a few times, first from America to Japan, then to Korea and […]Read More »

AUDIO-TECHNICA System 10 Digital Wireless Stompbox Review

PROS: Great sound, versatile. CONS: Transmitter’s plastic construction. PRICE: $349 (street) In the past, wireless systems were big, and the sound quality varied. Now Audio-Technica has a digital system that sits on your pedalboard. The receiver is a decent size and has a robust metal construction. The display gives the important info, the signal info, […]Read More »

My Favorite Axe with Arielle

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Arielle considers the music of classic rock greats Queen, Boston and Iron Maiden the great inspiration of her sound. She mastered singing, piano, trumpet and guitar by the age of 10 and by 16 had become a guitar virtuoso, earning the imprimatur of Queen guitarist Brian May, and eventually working with […]Read More »


  The Fretless 3-Pickup Wonder  BACKGROUND Designed in 1961 as a less expensive version of the Les Paul, players called it the “fretless wonder” for its low frets and fast action. Les Paul himself, however, didn’t like the guitar and requested his name be removed from it, which it was in late 1963 (confirming this […]Read More »

My Favorite Axe: Fender American Fat Tele

  I’m the guitarist for Psychic TV as well as Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club. I’m also a producer/recording engineer at GaluminumFoil Productions, having produced records for tons of NY bands! MAKE & MODEL 2002 Fender American Fat Telecaster WHAT IT MEANS TO ME After 11 years of playing and recording full time, this is still my […]Read More »

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