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The Best Value Guitar of 2014: Chapman Guitars ML1

Chapman Guitars ML1 Guitar PROS: Sounds amazing, tons of tonal options, impeccable fit and finish. CONS: None. PRICE: $499 Let’s get this out of the way: the Chapman ML1 is quite simply the best value in the guitar market today. At a ludicrously low $499 USD, you get the equivalent of a professional-grade instrument that […]Read More »

PHRED Ernesto VH3 Guitar Review

PHRED Instruments Ernesto VH3 Guitar PROS: Versatile, great tonal options, looks fantastic. CONS: Effects loop may take some getting used to. PRICE: $589 Let’s get this bit out of the way. Yes, it looks like Trey Anastasio’s guitar, which was made by Phish’s soundman/guitar guru Paul Languedoc. Yes, you can get one made by Paul, […]Read More »

VINTAGE GUITAR FLASHBACK: 1966 Epiphone Wilshire

Classic Solidbody Played by Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen BACKGROUND Designed as a low-cost alternative to the higher-end model, the Crestwood, it was produced from 1959-1970. WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE Boasting two P90 pickups it is praised as “perfect for old-school rock” – it has an almost acoustic quality for resonance and sustain. It’s super […]Read More »

MY FAVORITE AXE: 2014 DiDomenico Guitars Custom Acoustic with Sarah Blacker

‘Female Performer of the Year’ in the New England Music Awards (2012), Boston-bred and based Sarah Blacker plays ukulele, guitar and sings a unique version of singer/songwriter pop called “Sundress Rock.”  Her music has been placed on MTV as well as in Subaru and Align CreditUnion TV commercials. MAKE & MODEL 2014 DiDomenico Guitars custom […]Read More »

An Esoteric Exploration of Tubes, Transformers, Tone, & Transcendence

Were audio output transformers “so good,” why does not even one tube amp use two, three, or even ten, for “killer” tone made completely out of this world?  It’s because the sonic magic comes from the tubes, not their ubiquitous audio output transformers, which are mundane, necessary evils used to translate the tubes’ high-impedance to […]Read More »

How to Upcycle Discarded Oil Cans to Build Guitars with BOHEMIAN GUITARS

Bohemian Guitars was built on the dream of creating a guitar that looks as good as it sounds – and isn’t out of your price range.  Naturally, that was going to involve some handiwork. So we found a way to upcycle existing materials to create something completely new in the market.  Then we used the […]Read More »

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