Samson MediaOne BT3 Speakers Review

PROS: Inexpensive, decent sound. CONS: Bluetooth requires both speakers to be connected to each other. PRICE: $99 We get a lot of speakers to review, and they vary from exotic high-end units to inexpensive models that won’t break the bank. Samson’s MediaOne BT3’s fall into the latter category. For more studio monitor reviews by Performer […]Read More »

MACKIE 1604 VLZ4 Mixer Review

PROS: Well built, great sounding EQ, useful in several formats. CONS: Might be overkill for small bands. PRICE: $899 Not too long ago, the quality-to-price factor in compact mixers was pretty sad. When Mackie came on the scene, they were able to make a high quality mixer for a fair price, and the pro audio […]Read More »

MACKIE MR6mk3 Studio Monitors Review

PROS: Fantastic performance, good price. CONS: May require a little tweaking per location and room size. PRICE: $199/each The cliché is that monitors are the ears of any home studio system; in most cases they’re the heart. Mackie’s new MR6mk3 monitors are a great place for a starter studio or a full-blown commercial facility. ) […]Read More »

Recording With a Vintage Telefunken U47 Microphone

From about 1949-1965 the original mic was made. It continues to be made today. BACKGROUND Few microphones are as iconic. The original models had a vacuum tube that would dry out, which was problematic but corrected after 1965. HOW IT WAS USED It was one of the original high-end microphones and used for all sorts […]Read More »

Make Sure Your In-Ear Headphones Fit Properly

It seems like almost everyone is wearing in-ear headphones these days. Small wonder – they’re the perfect companion to portable music players, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. They can also sound fantastic – and a big part of ensuring they do is to make sure they fit properly.Audio-Technica recently demonstrated the importance of correct fitting […]Read More »

Griffin Technology GuitarConnect & MicConnect Reviews

Portable used to mean sacrificing quality or convenience,  but Griffin’s closed the gap with several of their new devices, turning your iOS device into a portable recording station. Their simplest is the GuitarConnect Cable Premium ($29), a braided cable that acts as a simple interface for guitar and headphones connected to a 1/8” headphone jack. […]Read More »

Apogee Announces New MiC 96k

Apogee Electronics is pleased to introduce MiC 96k, a professional digital microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Use MiC 96k to record vocals, voice overs, acoustic guitar, piano, drums or anything in-between. Inspired by the most revered and classic microphones in history, MiC 96k is designed to sound amazing and be easy for anyone to use […]Read More »

Blue Introduces Mo-Fi: True Mobile High Fidelity

Blue, best known as a leading innovator in microphone technology and design, today starts the rebellion against headphone convention. While we’ve seen dramatic advances in the quality and convenience of digital audio, headphones—designed specifically to bring us closer to sound—have lagged behind. We’ve come to accept compromises in our headphones, settling for mobility over fidelity, […]Read More »

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