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BUYER’S GUIDE: 6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Tape Machine

WHAT TO WORRY ABOUT Skip a lot of heartache and get a “modern” tape machine – something post 1975-ish (this varies depending on manufacturer) and that is a professional-grade machine.  These will have all the features you need to make recordings, and were built to be repaired, aligned, and heavily used.  They also tend to […]Read More »

Why Ditching Your DAW & Going Analog Renews Studio Focus

The Howling Tongues Get Blown Away By Analog Tape We recorded our debut album to 2” tape on a 24-track Studer at Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN. That whole experience opened our eyes – we weren’t staring at a computer screen and we were thrown into the fire. We weren’t editing, adjusting, shifting, nudging, cutting; […]Read More »

How To Successfully Achieve Analog Warmth With Digital Tape Plug-Ins

AND THEN THERE WAS PRO TOOLS… Recording has been a part of my life for more than 35 years. I started in the analog tape world, and I’m still in the analog tape world at the studio that I work at. I was introduced to digital recording in 1982 with a Sony PCM-F1, so I […]Read More »

GEAR REVIEW: Ear Trumpet Labs Louise Microphone

Ear Trumpet Labs Louise Microphone – $499 PROS: Well made, consistently great sound quality. CONS: Slightly expensive, retro design might that not be for everyone. Ear Trumpet Labs blend the old school aesthetic with modern construction and electronics. Back in January 2013, we got to check out their Edwina condenser microphone (and loved it). Now […]Read More »

GEAR REVIEW: MACKIE DL32R Rack-Mounted Digital Mixer

MACKIE DL32R Rack-Mounted Digital Mixer – $1999 Pros: Super flexible as a DAW or a Live Mixer, quality construction. Cons: Only works with iOS, no Android compatibility. In most cases, mixers haven’t changed much – you know, the usual array of knobs and sliders, inputs and outputs. Mackie’s brought the mixer into the 21st Century […]Read More »

GEAR REVIEW: Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered Hi-Fidelity Headphones

Blue Microphones Mo-Fi Powered Hi-Fidelity Headphones – $349 PROS: Excellent sound quality, unique design. CONS: A tad weighty, long sessions may cause fatigue. For any serious musician or engineer, good headphones are a must. But finding a set that works for personal listening as well as in a professional setting can be difficult. Blue’s new […]Read More »

GEAR TEST: Putting Audio-Technica’s Wireless Camera-Mount Systems Through Their Paces

I always lament how frustrating it is to get a quick setup for a basic video interview. So when I was given the opportunity to take a test run of the Audio-Technica System 10 camera mount wireless mic setups, I was excited to see if it might be the solution to a simplified, dynamic rig. […]Read More »

New PreSonus Studio 192 Audio Interface Doubles as Studio Command Center

PreSonus® is pleased to announce the Studio 192 USB 3.0 Audio Interface and Studio Command Center. The new 26 x 32 interface records at up to 192 kHz and combines eight digitally controlled XMAX™ Class A solid-state mic preamps and premium Burr-Brown converters with StudioLive™ Fat Channel signal processing. The Studio 192 also acts as […]Read More »

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