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Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Modulation FX Part 1

We have a lot of guitarists who come through the studio and they have an idea what they want their recordings to sound like, but have no idea how to articulate those ideas in terms of effects we use in the studio. They may have a favorite song with that really awesome swirling sound on […]Read More »

Performer's iPad Essentials for Musicians

Tablet schmablet. You can have the fanciest lookin’ device on the planet, but if there are no killer apps for it, it’s just a useless hunk-o-junk. So now that you’ve got that shiny new iPad, how are you gonna make the most of it? Well, we recommend a few products and apps that will help […]Read More »

FLASHBACK: Vintage Teletronix LA-2A

“Legendary Vocal Compressor from the ’60s” YEAR 1962 HISTORY The LA-2A is considered one of the most legendary vocal compressors in recording history. I first learned about it through a friend and mentor of mine, John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr.). In fact, the specific LA-2A that I’ve used in sessions is his […]Read More »


“Hand-Wired, Simple Design Minimizes Phase Shift” YEAR: Late 1960s HISTORY: The API 550 EQ was designed by Saul Walker in the late 1960s and was first used in API and custom console designs. It has been a very influential piece of recording gear and has been used on countless hit records. It is a 500 […]Read More »

BUILDER PROFILE: Dave Smith Instruments

New Analog for a Digital World Dave Smith is your greatest influence whose name you don’t know. Since 1977, his work has opened up new frontiers in music technology and created entire industries based around his designs. He is known as the “Father of MIDI,” released the first polyphonic and programmable synthesizer (the Prophet-5) as […]Read More »

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