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Quick Pick: The Currys - "Follow"

The Currys Follow Charlottesville, VA (Self-released) Follow by The Currys Brothers Jimmy and Tommy Curry, and their cousin Galen, are dynamic performers, and their full-length debut is proof that they are onto something here. Whether they are singing about a destructive relationship on the rollicking bluegrass opener “Wrecking Ball,” or waxing philosophical about living life […]Read More »

Hayley Reardon - "Wayfindings" Review

“Brilliantly moving folk/pop with lyrical depth and soul” In 2012, teenage singer/songwriter Hayley Reardon was named Bostonian of the year by The Boston Globe and released her stunning debut Where the Artists Go. Reardon has returned with her newest EP, Wayfindings, which highlights her folk/acoustic/pop sensibilities. At the tender age of 17, Reardon exhibits seasoned […]Read More »

The Whiskey Gentry - "Holly Grove" Review

“Country meets punk & churns out a righteous bluegrass lovechild” The Whiskey Gentry is back with their sophomore release, Holly Grove. The six-piece group brings back their penchant for riveting mandolin progressions, blended harmonicas and banjo segments and driving percussion, creating a fantastic punk-infused album.  Drawing on the feverish styles of bluegrass, Americana and folk, […]Read More »

Patty Griffin - "Silver Bell" Review

“Griffin’s long-lost treasure is finally unearthed” Diehard Patty Griffin fans have had bootlegged copies of Silver Bell for more than a decade, after a merge between A&M and Universal in 2000 found this record shelved, discarded, and unheard. Much sought after ever since, Silver Bell FINALLY gets its official release, and the world is better […]Read More »

Jus Post Bellum - "Oh July" Review

“A record that espouses Civil War imagery and authentic Americana songcraft” Brooklyn represents the highest tier of indie Meccas right now with bands popping up in droves in the city lofts. Walk a few blocks and one can hear the next big thing refining its sound and gaining a steady audience who will gladly boast: […]Read More »

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