Sell Your Music to the European Market

The concept of American recording artists promoting their music in Europe is not new.  Musicians have been “crossing the pond” for decades, sharing their sounds.  However, strategies on how to do so effectively have changed in recent years due to the Internet and other forms of digital technology.  With a shaky world economy, particularly in […]Read More »

Make Money on YouTube with ONErpm

There’s a saying in the startup world by founder Marc Barros of Contour Cameras: “The best product does not always win, the product everyone knows about does.” I often repeat this when I speak at music business gatherings because I think it’s so analogous to our industry. This is why “My Humps” was a Top […]Read More »

Repel Music Distribution Grand Opening

A new addition to the music distribution game, Repel Music Distribution has been opened by seasoned owner Mike Repel (founder of Reformatory Records) with the promise of bringing large-scale distribution to independent artists at a more affordable price. The company will allow artists and label owners to distribute their own music and recordings to international […]Read More »

Access the Airwaves: A Musician’s Guide to Community Radio

All musicians dream of hearing their music on the radio, but unless you have a record deal with a major label, getting radio play is harder than ever. Whether it’s pop, country, hip-hop or oldies, stations play the same popular songs over and over again. These hit songs get so much airtime on commercial radio […]Read More »

Ditch the CD and go USB: Tips for DIY Physical/Digital Hybrid Releases

  Let’s face it, the game done changed: Nobody expects to pay for music anymore, and if you want people to buy your stuff, you better offer more. So unless you’re content with just your mom and Uncle Jimmy buying your new album, you better step it up. Offering up the same old CD as every […]Read More »

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