CD Baby Launches CD Baby Free

CD Baby, the world’s largest distributor of independent music, is changing the game for musicians. Yesterday they unveiled CD Baby Free. Artists will no longer need to pay a one-time sign-up fee to join CD Baby. They’ll be able to enjoy complete digital sales from the CD Baby store, as well as use many of the […]Read More »

How Your Distributor Can Help Increase Your Revenue

Having your music distributed is one of the best ways you can make money off of your music. Although there are various other outlets for getting your music out there, distribution is key if you’re looking to make a profit. Even if you’re already being distributed, there are things your distributor can do for you […]Read More »

How To Leverage Free Music Sites to Increase Fan Engagement

Free music online can either spread like wildfire or sink like a stone. It largely depends on the work put into promotional efforts. Many bands post their album for free and think “I’m done! Our album is free and available, and who wouldn’t want a free album?” Well, first of all… those who don’t know […]Read More »

Sell Your Music to the European Market

The concept of American recording artists promoting their music in Europe is not new.  Musicians have been “crossing the pond” for decades, sharing their sounds.  However, strategies on how to do so effectively have changed in recent years due to the Internet and other forms of digital technology.  With a shaky world economy, particularly in […]Read More »

Make Money on YouTube with ONErpm

There’s a saying in the startup world by founder Marc Barros of Contour Cameras: “The best product does not always win, the product everyone knows about does.” I often repeat this when I speak at music business gatherings because I think it’s so analogous to our industry. This is why “My Humps” was a Top […]Read More »

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