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Copyright Law

Download Performer's FREE Legal Guide to the Music Business

Performer‘s committed to bringing you the most useful advice when it comes to your career. That’s why we’re bringing you the second installment in our FREE industry guides – quick PDFs jam-packed with an insane amount of info that you can actually use. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. These guides are meant to be handy reference […]Read More »

LEGAL PAD: Stealing Your Way Up The Charts

The website www.ThatSongSoundsLike.com is dedicated to one mission: placing similar sounding audio clips from well-known artists side-by-side.  With hundreds of submissions posted over six years, it’s a staggering collection that has musicians wondering whether their music is safe in the market place.  It has others asking, “Just how much music can I take before getting […]Read More »

LEGAL PAD: Registering Your Band’s Trademark

YOUR BAND NAME IS A BRAND NAME, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  Registering your band’s name and logo with the United States Patent & Trademark Office is the most effective way of protecting your band’s intellectual property for years to come.  Registration is relatively inexpensive and can be accomplished online, without all of the paperwork and formalities […]Read More »

LEGAL PAD: The End of the First Sale Doctrine?

AS A MUSICIAN, YOU WILL BUY AND SELL HUNDREDS OF ITEMS over the course of your career.  From instruments to gear, tour vans to used albums, nearly everything you own – minus a handful of cherished items – is either on its way into or out of your life.  But what if you could no […]Read More »

Copyright Alert System: Can the Music Industry End Infringement?

PEER-TO-PEER FILE SHARING HAS ALLOWED COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT to become so commonplace that enforcement of the law is nearly impossible.  Lawmakers and the recording industry have tried several methods to enforce the law (multimillion dollar suits against individual users, SOPA, PIPA, etc), but all have failed in their estimated outcome.  The Copyright Alert System is the […]Read More »

Canadian Supreme Court Issues New Musical Copyright Rulings

On Thursday, July 12, Canada’s Supreme Court issued five rulings regarding existing or proposed tariffs issued by the Copyright Board under the Copyright Act, four of which directly dealt with music copyright law. The decisions concerned music downloading and streaming, film and T.V. soundtracks, and the distribution of video games on the internet. Overall, the […]Read More »

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