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Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Microphone Selection

Many microphones have been talked about as if they have this mystical ability to enhance performances, as if they can transform a crappy guitar into a handcrafted masterpiece or a mediocre vocalist into a diva.  Is this true?  Should you plunk down a few grand on a vintage Neumann U-87?  Or will a Chinese-manufactured knock-off […]Read More »

The Best Products from AES 2013

Hey there gearheads, we recently got back from the AES Convention in New York, and wanted to report back on some of the coolest pro audio and recording products we got a chance to get our grubby little paws on. Below you’ll find rad products and links to find out more. Enjoy! Antelope Audio Orion […]Read More »

Performer's Guide to Home Studio Headphones

What does one look for in a good set of studio headphones?  Is it more important to have a flat frequency response or do you want more highs or lows?  Open back or closed back?  These are just a few of the questions that have been argued amongst musicians, engineers and producers for ages.  As […]Read More »


“Fitted with custom tube electronics built by Esoteric Audio Research” YEAR Originally built in the 1970s HISTORY This unit was originally built by Ampex – they were known as some of the best 2-track recorders and the best sounding machines. The specific ATR-102 that I used belongs to Paul Stubblebine – a colleague and great […]Read More »

Performer's Guide to Lunchbox Amps

The past two years have seen an explosion in an exciting new product category – the lunchbox amp. There have been a lot of questions about just what, exactly, a lunchbox amp is, and what it can do for you, the guitarist. We’ve put together a short primer that should help answer those questions, as […]Read More »

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