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Become a Moneymaking Juggernaut with Busker's Direct-to-Fan Approach

Meet Busker, The Online Tip Jar (Not to Mention a Novel Approach to Direct-to-Fan Engagement) We’ve all seen musicians on the streets playing their hearts out to passersby, an open guitar case littered with spare change and a few crumpled bills at their feet. Their songs affect us at the most basic of emotional levels, […]Read More »

How to Engage Fans to Power Your Tour With Mobile Tech

Book More Effectively & Mitigate Road Risks With Free App Fanflex  Touring is hard, always has been. There’s the constant scheduling with booking agents, clubs that want to ram a mid-week discount down your throat, and that nagging feeling that you’re going to play a half-empty venue. Sure, it’s not a big deal for major […]Read More »

5 Ways For Bands to Maximize Merchandise Sales

“How do you make money from music?” Ask most gigging musicians this question these days, and they’ll probably give you the same answer – “tour, tour, and tour again”. What they’ll no doubt neglect to mention is that, while on tour, you need to be selling a boatload of merch if you want to see […]Read More »

Uncommon Touring Tips From Indie Musicians for a Smoother (And Fungus-Free) Trip

Unless you’re traveling in a roomy, air-conditioned bus, touring as an independent band is an experience rife with stenches, coin-scrounging, and utter exhaustion. Hitting the road DIY-style is definitely prone to pitfalls, especially if it’s your first go ’round. But there are ways to make things easier – and less, um, fungus-addled. Properly prepping your vehicle (check-up, […]Read More »

How to Persuade People to Come to Your Show on a Weeknight

Any band that’s toured at least once knows that attendance at shows varies not only city by city, but also day by day. Scheduling events is tough enough, and sometimes getting a slot at 9:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night simply cannot be avoided, and yet you’re expected to bring in the crowds. So, what’s […]Read More »

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