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7 Tips for Making Your DIY Tour Stand Out From the Competition

In my last article, we discussed ways in which you can plan and book a DIY tour that runs effectively, successfully, and within your budget. So now that you’ve packed up your gear, managed your expenses, and hit the road, what can you do to really blow your fans out of the water night after night? […]Read More »

3 Creative Ways to Make More Money Gigging

Gigging and touring is the bread and butter for indie musicians today. Playing local gigs on the weekend with a few regional or national tours can provide enough income to get by, but there’s a lot more to gigging than performing and ticket sales. The fan interactions, collaboration opportunities, and merch possibilities open up a number of income streams […]Read More »

Sell More Concert Tickets & Reach New Fans With Bandsintown

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’re on tour, and you get an angry email or text from Jessica, a fan in the last city you played. Turns out, even though you emailed her (and all of your list), you Tweeted about the concert, and you set up a Facebook event, she catch […]Read More »

Touring Advice From Raul Bianchi of The Expendables

BATHROOM BUSINESS ON THE ROAD I always need a few days after a long tour to decompress, and rediscover all the wonderful things about home that I’ve been missing for the last two months.  Going from a bunk in a bus that would be comfortable for a tween, back to a queen size bed is […]Read More »

Even MORE Tips for Staying Healthy on Tour

Staying healthy on tour means far more than avoiding alcohol poisoning. Eating well, exercising and avoiding stresses on your body that will lower your immune system are all crucial to not canceling shows. Singers on tour risk colds that could potentially damage vocal cords, and equally important is the idea of avoiding vocal fatigue with […]Read More »

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