Spice Up Your Tone With Rosemary Pierro Glass Guitar Picks

PROS: Expands creativity; unique sound. CONS: A tad pricey. PRICE: $20 There are so many custom, one-off items for guitarists – from guitars and amps to straps and pedals, but picks seem to always be an afterthought. Rosemary Pierro crafts custom, one-of-a-kind picks in her native Hawaii to fill this niche. They’re hand made of […]Read More »

Keep Your Acoustic Guitar Safe with the Humitar

PROS: Professional option for preventive maintenance. CONS: None. PRICE: $13.99 Acoustic guitars are living things; despite the fact the tree has been cut down, the wood still interacts with its environment. It may have a finish on the exterior, but the insides are still raw and unfinished. Temperature and humidity can be a factor – […]Read More »

TronicalTune Self-Tuning Guitar System Review

PROS: Interesting technology. CONS: May require modifications to an instrument, difficult to understand control system, expensive, not entirely necessary. PRICE: $329 Self-tuning guitars kind of fall into the category of self-parking cars, an interesting concept, but how practical can they be? We were shipped a set for a Fender guitar that included tuners, mounting hardware, […]Read More »

D'Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner Review

PROS: Stealthy, good functionality, great price. CONS: Visual metronome is lacking in concept. PRICE: $39 (2/pack) Tuners used to be big and clunky, but everything these days, they’re getting smaller. D’Addario has a new clip-on headstock tuner that lives up to the “bigger isn’t always better” credo. OK, this thing is tiny, but it has […]Read More »

Hercules MS202B Stage Series Mic Stand & MS432 Stage Series Boom Stand Reviews

It’s hard to imagine integrating new technologies or ideas into something as simple as a microphone stand, but Hercules has added a new twist to theirs. Their straight stand with the “H” base sports a cast metal bottom with two cutouts, just the right size for a vocalist who might be using a pedal. It […]Read More »

Review: JazzLoft Space-Saving CD Sleeves

PROS: Save TONS of space, lightweight, low per-unit cost. CONS: Time-consuming for large collections, difficult to read spines. PRICE: $15 per 100 is offering their newly re-designed Space-Saving CD sleeves this year (click here), a slight tweak on their long-running product line. For a lot of musicians and collectors, the hassle of storing hundreds […]Read More »

REVIEW: PicStix Adhesive Gel Pick Holders

PROS: Sticks picks without leaving residue, reusable. CONS: Not for use on nitrocellulose finishes. PRICE: $5.99/pack Loosing a guitar pick mid song is never cool. However, being able to grab a replacement on the fly, is. PicStix has released a new, interesting and inexpensive product to help guitarists in this predicament. Each pack of PicStix’s […]Read More »

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